December 1, 2008

the visitor( 2008)

semalam aku tgk dvd cite nie... cite nie boleh dikategorikan sbg drama berat jugak la..
best? ok la jugak subjek kemanusian... sinopsisnya aku ambik kat yahoo nie...
sesekali layan cite camnie ok gak...
sape nak tengok..kena cari dvd la.....
In a world of six billion people, it only takes one to change your life. Sixty-two-year-old Walter Vale is sleepwalking through his life. Having lost his passion for teaching and writing, he fills the void by unsuccessfully trying to learn to play classical piano. When his college sends him to Manhattan to attend a conference, Walter is surprised to find a young couple has taken up residence in his apartment. Victims of a real estate scam, Tarek, a Syrian man, and Zainab, his Senegalese girlfriend, have nowhere else to go. In the first of a series of tests of the heart, Walter reluctantly allows the couple to stay with him. Touched by his kindness, Tarek, a talented musician, insists on teaching the aging academic to play the African drum. The instrument's exuberant rhythms revitalize Walter's faltering spirit and open his eyes to a vibrant world of local jazz clubs and Central Park drum circles. As the friendship between the two men deepens, the differences in culture, age and temperament fall away. After being stopped by police in the subway, Tarek is arrested as an undocumented citizen and held for deportation. As his situation turns desperate, Walter finds himself compelled to help his new friend with a passion he thought he had long ago lost. When Tarek's beautiful mother Mouna arrives unexpectedly in search of her son, the professor's personal commitment develops into an unlikely romance. And it's through these new found connections with these virtual strangers that Walter is awakened to a new world and a new life.
Directed by: Tom McCarthy

kritikan movie nie oleh LOU LUMENICK (New York Post)

April 11, 2008 BEST movie I've seen so far this year? Hands down, it's Tom McCarthy's superb "The Visitor," which turns Richard Jenkins, one of the best character actors in the business, into a full-fledged star. Jenkins, who played the ghostly patriarch on "Six Feet Under" and has long been a ubiquitous presence in movies, is touching and ruefully funny as Walter, a lonely college professor whose life is changed by an encounter with illegal aliens. Barely engaged in life or his job on a Connecticut campus since his wife's death, he is forced to present a paper on globalization (actually written by a colleague) at a conference at NYU. That's when Walter discovers that his long-unused Manhattan pied-a-terre has been rented by a scam artist to Tarek (Haaz Sleiman), a Syrian drummer, and his girlfriend from Senegal, Zainab (Danai Gurira). Walter invites the couple to continue sharing the apartment. Zainab is wary, but soon Walter is hanging out in jazz clubs with Tarek and, eventually, taking off his jacket and drumming with his new friend in Central Park. But 21st-century realities intrude when Tarek is arrested and thrown into a corporate-run detention center. With Zainab also undocumented and on the lam, it's up to Walter to become Tarek's sole lifeline against the Office of Homeland Security. Walter's makeshift family comes to include Tarek's widowed mother (the wonderful Hiam Abbass), another illegal alien, who arrives from Detroit. She's surprised to find a middle-age white man has hired an attorney to fight Tarek's deportation, and she forms an intense bond with Walter. "The Visitor" is McCarthy's second film as a director, after the wonderful "The Station Agent." This beautifully shot and acted follow-up, which manages to be neither preachy nor sentimental and never strikes a false note, is a small gem

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